ShuuKaRen was a Japanese dance-vocal duo and the first unit from the groups Happiness and Flower, that debuted in 2016 under the label Sony Music Associated Records and managed by LDH. The unit is composed by the Fujii sisters Fujii Shuuka (from Flower) and Fujii Karen (from Happiness).

The unit disbanded on December 31, 2017 following Shuuka's retirement.




In August 11, 2016, during the last day of E-girls' third tour E-girls LIVE TOUR 2016 "E.G. SMILE" in Saitama, the unit was announced during the encore. The unit announced their debut single "UNIVERSE" to be released in October 5, 2016. It was also revealed that both girls will be singing, making this the first time Fujii Shuuka will be singing since her debut in 2011.


On November 10, the unit released the digital single "LOVE YOUR LIFE / Parallel Synchronicity".

On December 31, Fujii Shuuka announced to have graduated from the unit and retired from entertainment industry. As result of her leaving, and with only Karen staying, the unit disbanded. On January 15, 2018, ShuuKaRen's website, the group's section on mobile and accounts on Instagram and Twitter were closed, along with Shuuka's personal blog on mobile being also closed and removed.



  1. [2016.10.05] UNIVERSE

Digital Singles

  1. [2016.09.09] UNIVERSE
  2. [2016.09.22] Take-A-Shot! feat. PKCZ®
  3. [2017.11.10] LOVE YOUR LIFE / Parallel Synchronicity

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