"Love Generation" is the 18th single released by dream, and it is their second single as a 7-member group. It was released in August 11, 2004 in a CD only edition. First pressings included one of four stickers, each featuring one of three group members, or the group as a whole. Stickers for the rest of dream's members were included with "PURE", released the previous week.

Like "PURE", "Love Generation" was promoted as an "one coin CD", selling for 500 yen (the highest denomination of Japanese coin). Each CD is essentially half a single, consisting of an A-side and the instrumental version of the other's title track. Their covers are nearly identical, save for 7 photo-manipulated differences. PVs, consisting of concert footage from dream party 2, and differing only in the inclusion of additional shots for "Love Generation" (the longer song), were aired, but neither was released for sale. Also, the song's lyricist directed several episodes of a 1997 drama of the same name, and the lyrics "true love never run smooth" echo a phrase associated with that series.

Both "PURE" and "Love Generation" were written for the August 2004 stage musical BEAT POPS "FIGHTING GIRLS" (starring Matsumoto Rio and dream), and released as part of the BEAT POPS project.


  • CD Only (AVCD-30619, ¥500)



  1. Love Generation
  2. PURE (Instrumental)

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  1. Love Generation

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Nagayama Kozo
Other Information
Arrangement: Sin

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Chart Peak
Oricon Weekly singles chart 26


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