"Heart on Wave / Breakin' out" is dream's second single, released on May 3, 2000. It was also their first double A-side single. First press editions included one of four trading cards (one of each member and a group version). A VHS single of "Heart on Wave" was released later on April 19, 2000.

"Heart on Wave" was released as the second single from their first album Dear..., while "Breakin' out" was only later included on the best album eternal dream, released in 2002.


  • CD Only (AVCD-30084, ¥1,080)


  1. Heart on Wave (Original Mix)
  2. Heart on Wave (2FT Mix)
  3. Heart on Wave (HAL's Mix 2000)
  4. Breakin' out (Original Mix)
  5. Breakin' out (Y&Co. Remix)
  6. Breakin' out (Dub's Club Remix)
  7. Heart on Wave (Instrumental)
  8. Breakin' out (Instrumental)

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Oricon Weekly singles chart 14

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