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This is a list of trivia, statistics and curiosities of the group Happiness.


  • Happiness is the first original girlgroup debuted by LDH (Dream was initially from avex trax before joining LDH).
  • They initially started with 5 members: SAYAKA, KAEDE, KAREN, MIMU and MIYUU. In 2009, with the LDH DREAM GIRLS AUDITION 2008 auditions, YURINO was added to the group. This line-up released the indie DVD single "Happy Talk" on October 21 of the same year.
  • Sugieda Mayu is technically counted as an original member of Happiness although she was only added to the group on December 25, 2009, after the release of "Happy Talk".
  • SAYAKA is called as the dance leader of both Happiness and E-girls.
  • Their current best selling single is "Holiday", while "Friends" is the lowest. "GOLD" is their best peaking single, being the group's first #1 single and release.
  • MIMU was supposed to participate on their fourth single "We Can Fly" but she announced hiatus before the single's announcement.
  • They're the only group to not have any of their songs included on E-girls' releases.
  • They're currently the only group who started activities as an indie group.
  • Suda Anna and Kawamoto Ruri were initially E-girls members only before being added to Happiness. They're currently the only E-girls' members to be added to the units.
  • Happiness is currently the only group of E-girls to have changed major labels. From 2009 to 2012 they were signed on Universal Music Japan, being part of the sublabel UNIVERSAL SIGMA. In 2013 they moved from UNIVERSAL SIGMA to NATUYAWAVE RECORDS. In 2014, they left Universal Music and signed to rhythm zone, same label of E-girls and groupmate Dream.
    • Their page on Universal Music Japan is still open and appears they are signed to EMI Music Japan, but it is due to NATUYAWAVE RECORDS's merge to EMI.
    • "Sunshine Dream ~Ichido Kiri no Natsu~" is their only release while being on NATUYAWAVE RECORDS.
  • Happiness and Flower released their fifth singles ("Sunshine Dream ~Ichido Kiri no Natsu~" and "Taiyou to Himawari" respectively) on the same day, August 7, 2013, as part of the groups' Musha Shugyo.
  • There's no releases of the group with the 8-member line-up. Although Sugieda Mayu returned from her hiatus she didn't participated on the Musha Shugyo, stated as she still wasn't fully ready to participate on the performances with the group. She appeared on the last day of the Musha Shugyo and performed a cover of EXILE's song "Love, Dream, Happiness" with the group and Flower.[1]

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