FANDOM is a project composed by artists and groups related to E-girls. The project was announced on June 5, 2017 and it effectively started on July 17, 2017.

About was previously a joint project of the groups Dream, Happiness and Flower which was named E-girls. With the evolution of the project, E-girls formally became a group and the brand E-girls became is also the female side of the EXILE TRIBE.

Announcement by LDH JAPAN
Thanks for your warm continuous support of E-girls.

We are here to announce that E-girls will be evolved into

"E-girls" is a girls' entertainment project debuted in April 2011. The members from Dream, Happiness and Flower gathered together to realize their dreams on a larger stage.

Thanks to your support, "E-girls" has accumulated valuable experience and realized a lot of dreams in these 6 years.

What kind of team E-girls should become from now on, so that more people could enjoy their entertainment? What kind of entertainment should E-girls present? In order to address these matters, 19 members shared their dreams with each other. They also exchanged their ideas about how to make everyone's dream come true and how to make E-girls a better group.

In order to present better entertainment that more people could enjoy and to make everyone's dream come true, the E-girls members made a decision that they would carry out activities as in the future.

LDH respects every member's will and will help them to realize their dreams.

Please look forward to the future activities of E-girls, Dream Ami, DANCE EARTH PARTY, Happiness, Flower, ShuuKaRen, SudannaYuzuYully and and support them as always.

June 5, 2017
Announcement by
In order for E-girls to shine in the future, we will tell you about the new structure known as "", decided upon by the 19 members of E-girls.

In April 2011, the three groups of Dream, Happiness, and Flower gathered together and began as an entertainment project.

Thanks to everyone's warm support, we have been able to fulfill many drams, including a 3rd arena tour and our 4th consecutive appearance on Kouhaku.

Six years have passed since we began, and we talked about what to do to keep E-girls shining. As a result of multiple discussions with the 19 members, sharing each other’s dreams and respecting them, we decided to start a new organization.

The future "E-girls" will expand into a three dimensional artist group known as "" and evolve as a girls entertainment project. includes seven artists: E-girls, Dream Ami, DANCE EARTH PARTY, Happiness, Flower, ShuuKaRen, and SudannaYuzuYully.

E-girls, which has been working as a "project" so far will start anew as one team of 11 members.

Everyone in will use what has been gained in experience with E-girls so far, so that everyone's dreams will come true. And seeking a new glow, we will further evolve.

All the members will work with their full power so that the entertainment delivered by will be better than ever.

Anticipate our new form of evolution, and we look forward to your continued support.

June 5th, 2017
Everyone in[2]
Further Announcements
Several announcements were also made regarding about the destiny the former E-girls members who left the group decided, E-girls Pyramid and more:
The three remaining members of Dream will be focusing on their side projects' activities, as they also announced that the group will not have future activities together. Therefore, the group have disbanded.
Dream Aya
Aya will graduate from both E-girls and Dream, as well retire from singing and performing, and will become the creative manager of E-girls, and acting as staff and support for's activities and will continue as photographer and graphic designer for the other artists.
Dream Ami
Ami, who has been able to pull E-girls to the top so far and fulfill many dreams, will be focusing on her solo activities as she expressed she wanted independence as a soloist without being a member on E-girls.

Dream Shizuka
Shizuka will focus on activities as a member of DANCE EARTH PARTY. DANCE EARTH PARTY will be a bridge that connects and EXILE TRIBE.

Thumb member53 happiness
MIYUU, who has devoted herself to Happiness as a leader and a choreographer, and live composition/directing, will be aiming for further growth in those areas.

Kawamoto Ruri
Thumb member56 happiness
Kawamoto Ruri will focus on Happiness activities with the desire of expanding Happiness' range of music and increasing her expressive power as a vocalist in hopes of pulling along Happiness even further.

Fujii Shuuka
Thumb member58 flower
Fujii Shuuka, due to her limited time and busy schedule, will be focusing on her modeling activities, and further evolving in her activities with Flower and ShuuKaRen.

Shigetome Manami
Thumb member59 flower
Shigetome Manami will focus on activities as a member and leader of Flower, to make the group even better than before.

Nakajima Mio
Thumb member60 flower
Like Shigetome, Nakajima Mio will be focusing on activities as a Flower member, challenging her performance skills in order to increase her own expressiveness and Flower's.

E-girls Pyramid, Rabbits and Bunnies
Until now the lineup was a pyramid structure, with everyone aiming for E-girls, but now it's a three-dimensional place called where all groups co-exist. Since the pyramid got discontinued, young girls in Rabbits, Bunnies, and others will now be part of "EXPG LAB".
"EXPG LAB" is EXPG students selected and put into a dance team and vocal unit, with occasional lineup changes. It is a group that aims at being artists while challenging various possibilities and opportunities. This project will include both female and male students.


Former Groups/Acts


Egfamilydiagram diagram (2017)

EGfamily lineup (December 2018) lineup (December 2018)

EGfamily lineup (October 2019) lineup (October 2019)

EGfamily lineup (January 2020) lineup (January 2020)


On December 31, Fujii Shuuka graduated from Flower and ShuuKaRen and retired from the entertainment industry due to to the symptoms of the cervical spinal disc herniation, that she got diagnosed with in October, becoming more severe. It was also announced that with her departure, ShuuKaRen would also end their activities as an unit as the group would only have Fujii Karen as remaining member. ShuuKaRen was removed from the line-up on January 1, 2018.


On December 4, the group DANCE EARTH PARTY announced that the members would end their activities on the group. With the announcement, Dream Shizuka would be featured as a soloist on


On December 4, 2018, it was announced the's first tour titled E.G.POWER 2019 ~POWER to the DOME~. The tour included all members of the line-up and went through from February 22 to May 25. A footage of the concert at NHK Hall was released on July 24.

On September 20, Flower member Nakajima Mio announced that she would retire from entertainment industry to start a new life path as she is pregnant and engaged to FC Machida Zelvia football player Togashi Cayman. As result, the group and staff went through repeated discussions and it was decided that the group would be disbanding at the end of the month. Aside Najakima, the remaining members will continue on the entertainment industry with Washio Reina, Bando Nozomi and Sato Harumi staying on E-girls.

On September 30, Flower officially disbanded and was removed from line-up on October 1.

On December 22, at "Bessekai"'s release event, it was announced that E-girls will be disbanding at the end of 2020. With the announcement, it was revealed that after the disbandment, Bando Nozomi, Sato Harumi, Ishii Anna and Yamaguchi Nonoka will be focusing on their acting and modeling careers, SAYAKA, Kaede, Fujii Karen, YURINO and Suda Anna will be devoting full time to Happiness, who got a partnership with the American company 88rising with intentions of expanding the group worldwide, Washio Reina will be making solo debut as a singer, and Takebe Yuzuna will join a new unit formed with successful candidates of the world audition held by the DJ and LDH EUROPE's CEO Afrojack.

On December 31, Nakajima retired from entertainment industry and subsequently left


On January 1, Dream Aya announced that she would be working independently as a photographer and graphic designer outside of LDH. Despite her leaving, she will continue to produce fan club goods and newsletters for the agency as usual.[3] Her contract ended on January 31 and she left


Other Albums

  1. [2020.09.09] E.G.POWER 2019 ~POWER to the DOME~ (digital live album)

Video Releases

  1. [2019.07.24] E.G.POWER 2019 ~POWER to the DOME~


  1. [2019.02.22-2019.05.25] E.G.POWER 2019 ~POWER to the DOME~


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