E-girls is an all female Japanese girl group formed by the agency LDH, signed on the record label rhythm zone and part of the The group name stands for EXILE-girls.

Originally a project that united the groups Dream, Happiness and Flower, it formally became a girl group on July 17, 2017.


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Current MembersEdit


E-girls - Perfect World promo

E-girls promoting "Perfect World" (October 2018)

E-girls - My Way promo

E-girls promoting "My Way" (August 2018)

E-girls - EG 11 promo

E-girls promoting E.G. 11 (May 2018)

E-girls - Pain, pain promo

E-girls promoting "Pain, pain" (February 2018)

E-girls - Aishiteru to Itte Yokatta promo

E-girls promoting "Aishiteru to Itte Yokatta" (January 2018)

E-girls - Kitakaze to Taiyou promo

E-girls promoting "Kitakaze to Taiyou" (December 2017)

E-girls - Love Queen promo 2

E-girls promoting "Love ☆ Queen" (July 2017)

E-girls - EG CRAZY promo

E-girls promoting E.G. CRAZY (January 2017)

E-girls - Go Go Let's Go promo

E-girls promoting "Go! Go! Let's Go!" (November 2016)

E-girls - Pink Champagne promo

E-girls promoting "Pink Champagne" (August 2016)

E-girls - E.G. summer RIDER promo

E-girls promoting "E.G. summer RIDER" (July 2016)

E-girls - EG SMILE promo

E-girls promoting E.G. SMILE -E-girls BEST- (February 2016)

E-girls - Merry Merry Xmas promo

E-girls promoting "Merry×Merry Xmas★" (December 2015)

E-girls - Dance Dance Dance promo

E-girls promoting "Dance Dance Dance" (September 2015)

E-girls - Anniversary promo

E-girls promoting "Anniversary!!" (May 2015)

E-girls - EG TIME promo original

E-girls promoting E.G. TIME (January 2015)

E-girls - Mr Snowman promo 2

e-girls promoting "Mr.Snowman" (November 2015)

E-girls - Highschool love promo

E-girls promoting "Highschool♡love" (September 2014)

E-girls - Odoru Ponpokorin promotional 2

E-girls promoting "Odoru Ponpokorin" (August 2014)

E-girls - E.G. Anthem promotional

E-girls promoting "E.G. Anthem -WE ARE VENUS-" (July 2014)

E-girls - Colorful Pop promotional

E-girls promoting COLORFUL POP (March 2014)

E-girls - Diamond Only promotional

E-girls promoting "Diamond Only" (February 2014)

E-girls - Kurukuru promo

e-girls promoting "Kurukuru" (November 2014)

Gomennasai no Kissing You Promo

E-girls promoting "Gomennasai no Kissing You" (October 2014)

E-girls - Lesson 1 promo

E-girls promoting Lesson 1 (April 2013)

E-girls - Candy Smile promo

e-girls promoting "CANDY SMILE" (March 2013)

E-girls - The Never Ending Story promo

E-girls promoting "THE NEVER ENDING STORY" (February 2013)

E-girls - Follow Me promotional

E-Girls promoting "Follow Me" (October 2012)

E-Girls - One Two Three promo

E-Girls promoting "One Two Three" (April 2012)

E-Girls - Celebration promo

E-Girls promoting "Celebration!" (December 2011)

2009-2010: Formation and EXILE Presents Vocal Battle Audition 3: For GirlsEdit

In 2011, EXILE held a nationwide audition event called "EXILE Presents Vocal Battle Audition 3: For Girls". The televised competition was held to find members for LDH's dance-only four member group, FLOWER, and to find members for a new dance and vocal group, Bunny. EXILE's Hiro announced the "Girls Entertainment Project" or E-Girls would consist of all members from Love, Dream, Happiness and Flower, although Love's disbandment was announced before E-girls' first performance.

Bunny was not originally formed as part of E-girls, and was to debut separately in 2013, but they have never carried out any activities of their own except for one live performance at Vocal Battle Audition 3 titled "Why?".

2011: DebutEdit

On April 24, 2011, the group started their own webshow titled E-Girls SHOW. Following Flower's debut in October, E-Girls' debut was announced for December with their first single. In December 26, they released their debut single, "Celebration!". The line-up consisted of the members of the groups Dream, Happiness and Flower.

2012: New members and "Follow Me"Edit

In 2012, prior the release of their second single, two new members were announced by LDH: Suda Anna and Kizu Reina, both being part of EGD (EXPG Girls Dancers, a dance group of EXILE Professional Gym (EXILE's Dance Academy)), a member left, Dream's Sayaka, in March and Happiness' MIMU went on hiatus to focus on her studies.[1] The second single, "One Two Three", was released on April 18, 2012.

Before they released their third single, "Follow Me", the group consisted of a total of 31 members due to the addition of bunny and more EGD members. The increase in number led to a new system for the release of their next single in which the girls were required to undergo a period of training and afterwards, the girls who excelled and fit the image of the single would be chosen to participate. 16 girls were featured on the single jacket cover and music video. The single was released on October 3. MIMU officially left the group in the same month.

2013: Lesson 1 and rise of popularityEdit

In late 2012, three members from Bunny left the group, and the remaining members were featured in the single "THE NEVER ENDING STORY", with another member addition, Kawamoto Ruri. Starting from this single, their name was changed to E-girls. In the music video it was introduced Nakajima Momoka, the young girl who reads the book during the video. On March 13, a new single got released, "CANDY SMILE", featuring 12 members on the line-up.

On April 17, 2013, the group released their first studio album, Lesson 1. It ranked at number 1 on Oricon's weekly albums chart,[2] selling 57,337 copies in its first week.

In May, Suda Anna and Kawamoto Ruri joined the group Happiness as performer and vocalist, respectively. A few days later, Kizu Reina left E-girls. Nakajima Momoka joined the group in September with the announcement of the new single, "Gomennasai no Kissing You". It got released in October 3 and featured the entire line-up. The single is the current best selling single of the group, selling above 100,000 copies. In October 11, followed by the announcement of the new single "Kurukuru", Flower's Mizuno Erina left the groups to focus on her acting career. A new member was announced at the same day, Watanabe Marina.

The group gained considerable momentum in 2013, appearing on year-end shows and being invited for the first time to Kouhaku Uta Gassen.[3]


On January 5, 2014, Dream's Aya got appointed by HIRO as leader of E-girls.

Ten members of the group, Shizuka, Kaede, Fujii Karen, Suda Anna, Fujii Shuuka, Bando Nozomi, Sato Harumi, Takeda Kyoka, Ishii Anna, and Yamaguchi Nonoka, starred in the drama Koibumi Biyori, based on a manga of same name. The opening theme song of the drama, "Diamond Only", was released as their eighth single on February 26.

The group later released their second album, COLORFUL POP on March 19. The album ranked number 1 on Oricon's weekly albums chart.

On April 7, Sugieda Mayu left both Happiness and E-girls. Two weeks later, on 20 April, Takeda Kyoka left the group to focus on her studies and her acting career.

On June 12, LDH announced that the group would be releasing three singles consecutively, one per month. The first single, "E.G. Anthem -WE ARE VENUS-", was released on July 9, and included all members and all vocalists singing. Since this release, the members from bunny and EGD were mixed into one unit, simply titled as the name of the group, E-girls. The names Bunny and EGD were also removed from their official website.

The second single, "Odoru Ponpokorin", was released on August 13, and included only 14 members in the music video and jacket covers. The song was used as the opening theme song of the TV anime Chibi Maruko-chan.

The third single, "Highschool♡love", was released on September 10, and included all members on it. The song was used as the theme song for the Fuji TV's drama "Great Teacher Onizuka". Muto Chiharu announced her departure from both Flower and E-girls in November, after the release of Flower's single "Akikaze no Answer". E-girls were invited to Kouhaku for the second time.[4]

2015: E.G. TIME and E-girls PyramidEdit

The group released their third album, E.G. TIME, on January 1, 2015.

On January 27, LDH announced a new system for the members line-up, called E-girls Pyramid. Following the same system used for "Follow Me", the girls undergo a series of reviews configured annually. The members who need more training get classified as Rabbits (high school age or older) or Bunnies (junior high school age or younger). Members Takebe Yuzuna, Hagio Misato, Inagaki Rio, Ikuta Risa, Nakajima Momoka, and Watanabe Marina therefore returned to the training period at EXILE Professional Gym, reducing E-girls to 20 members.[5]

The group released their thirteenth single, "Anniversary!!", in May 20, 2015 and their fourteenth single, "Dance Dance Dance", in September 30.

On October 7, Ichiki Kyoka left both E-girls and Flower to follow different paths and to grow as a woman. It was also announced that Erie dropped her position as a performer but will still contribute to E-girls as a DJ.[6]

On December 15, 2015, it was announced via LDH's TV show Shuukan EXILE that Takebe Yuzuna will be re-added to the E-girls line-up. She will be re-joining in 2016 with the release of the best album E.G. SMILE -E-girls BEST-.

The group released their 15th single "Merry×Merry Xmas★" in December 23.

2016: E.G. SMILE -E-girls BEST-, third tour and Erie's graduationEdit

On November 20, 2015, it announced on the E-girls website that they will be releasing their first best album E.G. SMILE -E-girls BEST- in February 10, 2016 and the group's third tour E-girls LIVE TOUR 2016 "E.G. SMILE".

On April 23, 2016, the group announced the group's 16th and 17th singles, both being part of a Summer Single Concept, with the first single "E.G. summer RIDER" with the E.G. POP concept being released in July 20 and the second single "Pink Champagne" being released in August 10 with the E.G. COOL concept.

On September 27, the group announced that they will be releasing their 18th single "Go! Go! Let's Go!" in November 30.

On October 28, it was revealed on Dream's website that Erie would be graduating from both Dream and E-girls and also from the entertainment industry in the end of 2016. In the message written by her, she revealed to be thankful for all the 14 years she was a member of Dream and E-girls, and who followed her among all those years. With the current members of Dream celebrating their 15th anniversary next year (on July 7), she wanted to start her life from zero. She expressed desire on study abroad, which was her dream from a long time ago. Dream will continue their activities as a trio with the remaining members Shizuka, Aya and Ami once she officially graduates.[7]

On November 15, the group revealed that they would be releasing their fourth album E.G. CRAZY in January 18, 2017.

On December 31, Erie officially graduated from the group and Dream.

2017: Reformulation of the groupEdit

On June 5, LDH announced a new reformulated E-girls. E-girls, who was initially the main project who united the groups Dream, Happiness and Flower, became now part of the units inside a new project called With the announcement, it was also announced that the group will be doing a 2-day live concert titled E-girls LIVE 2017 ~E.G.EVOLUTION~. The live concerts will be last as a 19-member lineup, as with the reformulation, E-girls will now promote with 11 members. With the reformulation, after the Saitama concerts, Shizuka, Aya, Ami, MIYUU, Kawamoto Ruri, Fujii Shuuka, Shigetome Manami and Nakajima Mio left E-girls. Shizuka and Ami will continue with their solo projects as member of DANCE EARTH PARTY and as a soloist respectively, Aya retired from singing and performing and will work as a chief creative manager, MIYUU and Kawamoto Ruri will focus as members of Happiness and Fujii Shuuka, Shigetome Manami and Nakajima Mio will focus as members of Flower (and ShuuKaRen for Shuuka).

On July 26, they released their 19th single "Love ☆ Queen", first as a 11-member group.

In October, it was announced that Sato Harumi was defined as the new leader of the group.

On December 6, the group released their 20th single "Kitakaze to Taiyou".

On December 28, the group released the E-girls LIVE 2017 ~E.G.EVOLUTION~ concert in DVD/Blu-ray.


On January 31, the group released their 21st single "Aishiteru to Itte Yokatta". The group released their 22nd single "Pain, pain" on February 28.

On May 23, the group released their fifth album E.G. 11. It is the first album since the group's reformulation.

On June 2, the group started the E-girls LIVE TOUR 2018 ~E.G. 11~, that went from June 2 to August 5. It was the first tour since the group's reformulation.

On August 8, the group released their 5th digital single and MUSIC CARD single "My Way".

On October 3, the group released their 6th digital single "Perfect World".

On December 19, the group released their 7th digital single "EG-ENERGY". The song was used to promote LDH martial arts' ENERGY PROJECT, alongside GENERATIONS.


On January 16, the group released a footage of the E-girls LIVE TOUR 2018 ~E.G. 11~ concerts in Saitama Super Arena on DVD/Blu-ray as the group's second video release.

The group will be participating of's first tour E.G.POWER 2019 ~POWER to the DOME~ that will go through from February 22 to May 18.


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Best AlbumsEdit

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Other AlbumsEdit


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Other SinglesEdit

Compilations / OthersEdit

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Video ReleasesEdit

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Concerts / ToursEdit

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Concerts Featured InEdit

TV ShowsEdit

  • [2011.10-2012.09] E-Girls ga! Monku no Sakebi
  • [2013.11-2014.09] E-girls movies!! (digital show)
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  • [2018.10.06-present] Zenryoku Bukatsu! E-kou! (digital show)

Music Video AppearancesEdit




  • [2014.10.17] Colorful Diary (カラフル・ダイアリー)


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